Amapola Services

Full planning Bohème

In poppy service we make your dream wedding come true. We take care of the advice, planning and coordination of the whole process. We will help you make assertive decisions that go in favor of your tastes and expectations.

What is included in the Amapola service?

You will feel calm, and secure when making all the decisions involved in planning a wedding:
  • Wedding design
  • Choice of ceremony and reception venue
  • Catering , photography and video selection
  • Choice of music, sound and entertainment
  • Selection of the couple's styling
  • Budget optimization vs. expectations
  • Budget and payment tracking
  • Research for all wedding vendors
  • Effective budget management consulting
  • Timeline and contingency plan design
  • Seating chart planning and attendee confirmation
  • Advice on ceremony protocol
  • Day D wedding coordination
  • Supervision of wedding setup and dismantling
  • 24/7 support and ongoing meetings

How is the process with our bohème grooms?

Our priority is to have an excellent relationship and the best communication with our brides and grooms. For this reason, we have the following tools:
  • Whatsapp group with the bride and groom
  • Ongoing face-to-face and virtual meetings
  • Access to a specialized app where we concentrate all the information and formats collected throughout the process.
  • Appointment and payment reminder notifications
  • We provide accompaniment to all appointments related to the process, including technical visits, menu tastings, dessert tests, wardrobe measurements, musical auditions, among others.

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