Amaranth Services

Bohème Planning Consultancy

Do you want to plan your wedding, but don't know where to start? At Amaranth Service we provide you with guidelines so you can enjoy the planning process of one of the most important days of your life. We instruct you on how the wedding industry works, advising you on how to manage your budget and offering you the best tips on how to hire the right suppliers.

What is included in the Amaranth service?

You will feel calm, and secure when making all the decisions involved in planning a wedding:
  • Wedding design
  • Guidelines and tips to start planning the big day
  • Vendors consultancy VS budget
  • Advice on quantities of liquor and confectionery for your wedding
  • Important formats for the planning process
  • Resolution of doubts

How is the process with our bohème grooms?

Our mission is to instruct the bride and groom on how they can create a completely personalized wedding, introducing elements of their history and personality. Weddings should always be a reflection of each couple. For this reason, we conduct 2 face-to-face or virtual meetings where we advise and resolve doubts and concerns

The road is more fun if we walk it together

Shall we start planning your big day together?

We guide you in the construction of your dream wedding