The planning path for the materialization of that great day is different for each couple. For this reason, we have several consulting, support and detailed planning plans that allow us to create tailor-made weddings.
We will guide you through the wedding preparations without neglecting you for a single moment, establishing a completely personalized work plan, according to your requirements. We love that you enjoy and feel accompanied throughout the process, thus providing you with 24/7 advice.

Gardenia Service

We assist you in the construction of your wedding in the place of your dreams. We take care of the logistics of your wedding as well as the accommodation, transportation and activities during your stay at the destination.

Amaranth Service

If you want to plan your wedding on your own, we offer you step-by-step guidelines on how to do it and where to start. We help you to plan and use your budget in the right way.

Poppy Service

We provide advice from the conceptualization and choice of the location to the accompaniment throughout the wedding, making sure everything goes as planned.

Lotto Service

We assist you on the big day, from set up to dismantling, helping you to mitigate stress and ensuring the success of your wedding. We guarantee that the only thing you will have to worry about that day is enjoying yourself.

La Vie Bohème, the place where we live the wedding three times: dreaming it, celebrating it and remembering it

"Love is the freedom of flying accompanied" Gabriel García Márquez

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