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Wedding day Bohème

In the lotus service we make sure that your wedding goes as planned. We take care of the logistics and coordination of the big day, building contingency plans to ensure its success. We will have everything under control and the only thing you will have to worry about is to enjoy yourself.

What is included in the Amapola service?

You will feel calm, and secure when making all the decisions involved in planning a wedding:
  • Site inspection and wedding roadmap
  • Detail setting and technical meetings with vendors
  • Seating chart planning
  • Ceremony protocol and etiquette
  • Advice on the quantities of liquor for the wedding
  • Wedding timeline design
  • Set up and disassembly supervision
  • Day D wedding coordination
  • Development of contingency plans 
  • 24/7 resolution of doubts and concerns during the previous month

How is the process with our bohème grooms?

We make the meeting with the bride and groom a month before the big day, knowing in depth their process, requirements and contracted suppliers. For this reason, we have the following tools:
  • Initial meeting with the bride and groom where we socialize their planning process and they provide us with all the information necessary to finalize details
  • Whatsapp group with the bride and groom

Celebrate your wedding with the peace of mind of having a wedding planner

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